Beaver Report - Mileena Kombat

The Beaver Report – Heather Heaven Interviews Mileena Kombat

Heather Heaven interviews Mileena Kombat in an all new Planet Platypus segment called the Beaver Report. HH: You’ve been dominating the competitions this year, What do you think sets you...

The Bell Standard

I know the GM of the Year Hal Bell very well. He is the general manager of the greatest strip club in the world, Tootsies Cabaret in Miami Florida....
Don Waitt interview

Interview with ED’s Don Waitt

Recently Planet Platypus had a chance to interview 'THE' Don Waitt from ED Publications. For those who arent familiar with this industry icon, Don has been the driving force...
The Penthouse Clubs

Podcast #8.5 – Sponsor Highlight – The Gold G-Strings return to the Penthouse Club

 A roundtable discussion with top executives from the Penthouse chain. Chuck Rolling, Eddie Suqi, John Miller and Anthony Bellao sit down and discuss G String Awards comeback rumors, sponsoring...
Ricks Cabaret Clubs
Exotic Dancer Magazine