Comedian Chris Distefano set at ED Awards

Our host for the ED Awards Show this year was Chris Distefano. Chris opened the show and set the tone for the evening. He also did a 10 minute...

Josh interviews Mr. Shappy, owner of the Cadillac Lounge

Josh Fiore spent many years as the head DJ at Cadillac Lounge in Providence Rhode Island. You can tell the admiration and respect each of these fine gentleman have for...

EOTY Nominee Justice Performance at the 2019 ED Awards

Justice is one of the top feature entertainers in the world. She comes to us from a long line of amazing Canadian performers. Whenever and wherever Justice performs is...

Sharzayn Performance at the 2019 Ed Awards Show

My favorite part of EXPO this year was our awards show. Our comedian set the tone for a fun night but I don't think any of us saw what...

Daryl Roberson Interview at the 2019 EXPO

This video has it all, Bobby Mac in a karate outfit and Daryl Roberson decked out to the nines. Bobby gets with Daryl for a hard hitting "Barbara Walters"...

Bobby Mac Interviews Michelle Lynn at the EXPO Trade Show

Our very own Bobby Mac took time away from training feature entertainers in the martial arts to interview Michelle Lynn. Michelle was at the Women of Worlds booth at...

EXPO 2019 Red Carpet Interview with Eric Langan

Anytime a member of my team interviews my boss, I get a little nervous. Josh sits down with Rick's Cabaret CEO Eric Langan. Eric shoots on his favorite to...

Bellzora 2019 ED Awards Show Performance

First off, a big congratulations to our 2019 Entertainer of the Year Bellzora!!! This week is "Bellzora Week" at Planet Platypus. On Tuesday's podcast, we sat down and interviewed...

Dynamite Interview at EXPO 2019

Boy, they import some great things from Canada, don't they? Bobby Mac is right about that. Meet Dynamite, a feature entertainer from Canada. She is now legally cleared to...

Don Q Rum Booth at EXPO 2019

Alejandra at the Don Q Rum Booth educates our very own Bobby Mac on aged Rum and the proper way to drink it. Don Q is a premium spirit...
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