Don Waitt interview
Don Waitt at EXPO 2018

Recently Planet Platypus had a chance to interview ‘THE’ Don Waitt from ED Publications. For those who arent familiar with this industry icon, Don has been the driving force behind ED Publications for nearly two decades assembling thousands of magazine issues covering nearly every aspect of our industry along with planning and executing 23 successful Gentlemens club EXPO tradeshows.


ED Publications produces the Club Bulletin Magazine (which is also commonly referred to as Exotic Dancer Magazine) – They are The Most Trusted News Source for the Adult NightClub Industry since 1991. ED Publicaitons is also the producers of the Annual Gentlemens Club EXPO.

PP: If you had an unlimited budget and could pay for everyone to attend, what location would you pick for the Dream EXPO?

DW: Manhattan

Q: In the last 20 years, what was your favorite moment of any EXPO?

DW: The years my son and daughter came to EXPO and got to see what their Dad has been doing for the past 30 years.

PP: What are you most excited about going into this year’s EXPO?

DW: The Staff Certification Seminars. It gives attendees a real ROI that they can use in the future.

PP: What hobby or activity does Don Waitt do in his free time that would surprise your work friends?

DW: I like doing outdoor landscaping work. My house is on a one-acre wooded lot so it’s constant maintenance, which I enjoy. I get to work on my tan and shed some weight.

PP: I know you are a huge Big Brother fan. What are some of your other guilty pleasures?

DW: Playing Texas hold-em poker.

PP: The staff at the office turn into Super Hero’s during EXPO. Could you tell me which Super Hero’s you would compare to Dave, Kris, Caroline and Theresa?

DW: Kris is always Batman. He actually is Batman in real life. The others come from the Fantastic Four (one of my favorite comics). Dave is Mister Fantastic. Caroline is the Invisible Woman. Kevin is The Thing. And, of course, Teresa is the Human Torch.

PP: You plan EXPO year round. When EXPO is over how much time goes by until you start preparing for the next EXPO?

DW: About a half of one second.

PP: What one thing has changed the most since your first EXPO?

DW: Everyone’s gotten older. That may seem like a silly and obvious observation, but it has changed the pace and vision of the industry. I think it’s time our industry got its second wind.

PP: When you leave this industry, what would you like to see improve the most?

DW: My golf game.

The ED Publications Gentlemens Club EXPO is being held this year at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, August 11th-14 2019. You can register to attend by visting their website