Meet the Planet Platypus Team


Fearless Leader

His passion for the Adult industry is fueled by his passion to entertain the masses. The Head DJ at Tootsies Cabaret for over 2 decades. He practices the 3 B’s. Business, Brotherhood & Boobs. #ILCOMT

Bobby Mac

Personality & Voice Overs

Talent Personified. The ultimate jack of all trades. An accomplished artist, comedian, broadcaster, DJ, husband, father and all around best friend. Easily the funniest person you will ever be around.

Josh Fiore

Personality & Music Artist

JIggity Josh Fiore, the master of the spitfire. A talented hip hop artist. Josh is one of the top DJ’s in the country. Josh produced the Planet Platypus Podcast.
Listen to Josh's SpitFire Parody Songs

Brian Notorianni

GM of Operations

The Planet’s newest Dad and Teddy Bear. Brian keeps the boys in line and helps to run the website. Brian is one of the top General Managers in the Adult industry. He’s the man in charge.

Andrew Kutz

Director of Media

The baddest man on three wheels. Kutz is the visual media guru behind the Planet. Andrew has mastered video filming, drone footage and artistic concepts. Not to mention one of the best live DJ’s on the Planet. He might be the most talented of the group.

Jake Record

Web Development

Inspired by art, technology, anything Sci-Fi
and the great outdoors.
"He who faces himself, finds himself."
#OneWithTheForce #SoSayWeAll