Natasha Nova Feature Dinner 2019
Natasha Nova Feature Dinner 2019

I have been in this industry for over 20 years. I have worked with some of the greatest Feature Entertainers on the Planet. I have a top 5 list that, to me, is the group of features I would take to war with me. 1. Christina Aguchi is the best ever. She was the Michael Jordan of our sport. Gooch knew the game inside and out and got everyone involved. She knew how to promote her bookings and was a true ambassador to the Feature Entertainer Industry. She inspired the future and to this day, still has her legacy intact. 2. Lacey Rain put on the best entertaining shows period. Her energy during any of her sets cannot and will never be matched in my opinion. Lacey was the DJ’s best friend. She educated and taught so many of today’s brightest stars that her legacy will live on for a very long time. 3. Aria Moon is the best show I’ve ever seen. From her costumes to her choreography, no human being can do what she does. Aria’s creativity and passion is unmatched. Her kindness is on another level and she is quite possibly the smartest person I’ve ever been around. 4. Aspen Reign has to be on this list. She has won more titles than any feature entertainer ever. She’s a winner. Aspen looks the part and always acted professionally. Easily one of the easiest features to book in the sense that she was a consummate professional from the second she arrived at the club. The last Feature to my all time list is very new to the business. Natasha Nova was the 2018 Entertainer of the year. She has won all of the big shows like the EDI’s, Monroes Feature Tournament and basically every contest she entered. Her shows evolved into award winners. She has no ego in the sense that she was always looking for constructive criticism. She’s a true professional and a joy to work with.


Now, everyone on my all time list has a legacy except for Natasha. She is still very new to our industry. I found out at EXPO this summer, that in her final hours of being Entertainer of the Year, Natasha organized a private event to host as many feature entertainers to a dinner and show support. Here is our “EOTY” in her final minutes. She is not upset. She is not thinking about herself. She wants to support her fellow competitors. This to me is “legacy” worthy in my book. She got the girls gifts and made sure to support all of them in any way she could. 29 Features showed up and networked with each other. They laughed and even had some drinks. The most competitive area in our industry is a strip club dressing room. Entertainers, by nature, are extremely competitive. Natasha took her final moment and shared it with her industry. Even if she inspired one entertainer to strive to be our next Entertainer of the year, she did her job. And that’s why Natasha Nova made my list. She does her job.

After EXPO, I called Natasha and we spoke about the event. I applauded her efforts and congratulated her on her accomplishments. I asked her to write, in her own words, what happened at the event. I will post that right here but before I go I just want to say Natasha Nova, you are a class act. I appreciate you. You exemplify what a true champion is all about. Welcome to my top 5 all time list.

The rest of this article is directly from Natasha Nova:

I wanted to open communication between all features. I want girls starting out to know and feel comfortable reaching out to established girls when they have questions or want info on learning a new skill.

I’ve always been inspired by other girls.

Several years ago, I reached out to a girl featuring at my home club, Christina Aguchi. I asked how I could get into featuring. I was surprised how down to earth and kind she was because she was famous and I was no one.  She really steered me in the right direction. She was always there when I had questions or needed a pep talk. I want that for everyone. I wouldn’t be where I’m at without her.

I want to help cultivate camaraderie in the industry.

The beautiful thing about featuring is that it can be whatever you want it to be. There is room for everyone. I made sure I reached out to every feature entertainer I could. I posted it on Facebook and in a few of our feature groups as well. I told the girls I saw at expo. I let everyone know “all features were invited.” Past, present and future. Janine Jericho and I jokingly said “You CAN sit with us” I wanted it to be really inclusive. I know that we are inspired by each other. I want to get to know all of these girls and for these girls to know each other. I want everyone to feel like they have friends that understand all the highs and all the struggles that come along with featuring. I mean there is nothing like getting a high five after a show from someone who truly knows all the effort you put in.

I hosted the dinner and everyone’s first drink was on me, be that margarita, soda, or in Bambi Wilde’s case, Hot Tea. (she’s so stinking classy) I also got small gifts for everyone. I wanted everyone to feel welcome. We all got seated and ordered and I thanked everyone for coming and hanging out. I went around the circle and had everyone say their name and introduce themselves. I even had a raffle just to add some excitement! I got 6-7 gift cards to several of the stores attached to Planet Hollywood like MAC, and Sephora and Lush. As the girls came in I gave everyone numbers so I actually know we had 29 entertainers there!! I did a drawing at the end of the dinner. I wanted it to really feel like a party. Like fun, like a slumber party with all your friends when you were a kid.

I honestly didn’t even order food! I wanted to make sure I got to talk to every girl. (I did have a margarita though) 

We even had one male feature dancer! Mike Holiday. He did not miss out on the gifts either, he too got tropical body spray 


Natasha Nova

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