Telefunken M80

My whole DJ career, I have only used Shure Microphones. It’s always been the standard microphone of the adult industry. Sure is a great product and I encourage all rookie DJ’s to start with a Sure SM-58. Years ago, I was working with Tim Hannum of Diavlo Systems and he recommended that I upgrade my microphone to a Telefunkin M80. I trust Tim, he knows equipment way better than I ever will so, I took his advice and ordered my new mic. To my delight, the Telefunkin M80 microphone has a much warmer tone than any other product I’ve used including broadcast microphones. The way the Telefunken is designed, offers any DJ a warmer darker sound which is perfect for talking over music. The M80 comes in a variety of colors and has a slight price difference however, I have tried many different colors and the sound is exactly the same.

Telefunken M80 available on Amazon

Amazon is now selling the Telefunkin M80 in every color possible. I recommend this microphone to every DJ in the Adult Industry that has at least 3 years under their belt as far as experience goes. This is NOT a beginner microphone. You have to learn the proper mic techniques to master the warm sound of this microphone. The way this cuts through the music while blending with the room is the real sell here. The price of the Telefunken is a little more than the Shure microphone. The difference is in the technology. I am not an expert in the sound and lighting aspect of our industry but I do know the difference between the two brands has really helped me fill the enormous room at Tootsies Cabaret. Every DJ I’ve talked to who has purchased the Telefunken M80 has had immediate results. You can tell right away. If you are not a DJ, you should recommend this microphone to the DJ at your club. The M80 gets the Planet’s seal of approval. here is a link to tell you more about the science behind this amazing microphone:

Link to the M80 on Telefunken’s site.

Link to the M80 on Amazon.