Dinah Might - Heather Heaven's Planet Platypus Beaver Report

Heather Heaven interviews Feature Entertainer Dinah Might in our Planet Platypus segment called the Beaver Report.


HH: After many years touring internationally, you’re now touring the states. How can clubs book you and what should they expect?

DM: Expect to be lured into my steamy theatrical fantasy world and for a rise in your Levis with my unbridled horniness and sex-on-legs on stage. Most of my shows start with a choreographed theatrical story narrative with twists and turns in the plot and then I get naked quickly and make love to the invisible man on stage with passion. My brand and style is different than other top Features. I don’t do pole, hoop, gymnastics, or fire which are the quintessential Feature skills since those are unquestionably very exciting to watch and get the crowd going, but I’m true to my own unique style and talents. My custom made costumes have all been made by a team in Europe so they also have a different look than the American designers. So with all I do I hope I am bringing something fresh to the US clubs.

I’ve headlined and featured in 12 different countries and am thrilled to be granted my Visa to Feature in the US. Only 4 other Canadian Features have this prestigious visa. Heather, I am sure that you will be the 5th and I will see you down here shortly.

HH: What similarities or differences have you noticed between featuring in Canada vs America?

DM: Sadly many states only let us strip down to pasties and g-string or topless. That is a travesty! I prefer stripping down to my birthday suit. All of Canada’s clubs are full nude on stage and I love the feeling of dancing naked. It is similar to the feeling of skinny dipping. It is a wonderful free feeling.

In this era it seems clubs in America invest more in their features and therefore the feature spot is promoted more in the club and everyone is on board to make it a true main attraction. This used to be the case in the past in Canada but not as much anymore. I am hoping to help bring this back in Canada. I have lived in Europe for the past many years so since I am back on this side of the pond due to my US Visa I am also looking forward to doing more bookings in Canada and reminding clubs that Features can help bring in more customers but the club needs to help promote the Feature as well.

HH: What tips do you have for creating a long & successful career as a feature?

DM: Be punctual and reliable! That is the most important attribute to have in any business.

Always be early for check in at a club and early to the DJ booth for your shows. Never cancel a gig unless it is for an absolute beyond serious emergency. Keep your phone charged and close to you before and during bookings. I am such a goody-two-shoes with all of that and I really think that is the most important attribute.

Give it your all every show. I look at a quiet crowd and think “right let’s get this party started’ rather than ‘this audience sucks’ which is something I have heard from other performers. You are there to entertain them. They are not there to entertain you. Never save your best for the busy night. Your best is for every show you do. The goal of having a feature is to sell more drinks by bringing more customers in and getting them to stay longer. Help the club do that by kicking ass on stage so customers return and tell their friends.

Create a unique brand. What makes you different than the other features? Be distinct and memorable. I haven’t seen anyone else doing my style of show because it comes from inside me and my personality.

Be friendly and professional at all times with the customers and staff. Also help the club to bring in customers with your own promotion of your appearance at the club.

HH: Saturday night, the bar is packed – what show do you perform?

DM: I’ve always had the philosophy that I do the same level of show whether it is a sold-out show on a Vegas stage or 2 old men in a redneck town in a dive bar watching sports on TV rather than watching the stage (OK, that is an exaggeration of a dead club but you get the idea). If I’m booked I’m delivering.

If I had to choose a show, then it would be my most requested act ‘Catburglar’. It epitomises my style because it has a theatrical story narrative with twists and turns in the plot and comedy mixed with steamy sexiness.

HH: You won “Audience favourite” during The EDI West 2019 @ Bucks Cabaret in Dallas. How do you captivate the crowds?

DM: I like to connect with my audience with eye contact and personality. When you know what you are doing on stage you can really let loose and work the crowd rather than thinking about choreography or your ‘moves’. Being experienced is a wonderful thing.

HH: What do you do to unwind after a long tour?

DM: I’m lucky to have a sauna at home and this year I’ve been taking lots of saunas to relax my muscles and detox. After my sauna I finish with an ice cold shower. When I am on the road I substitute with hot epsom salt baths. Last year I was taking ice baths for my sore muscles. I dumped 5 large bags of ice in some cold water in a bath and sat in that for 10 min. This year my intuition told me to try the old school hot baths instead when on the road.

Saunas are for when I am at home. I stretch when in the sauna and can completely feel my muscles relax. Sweating it out for the detox purposes is so satisfying too. I experimented with the best time of day for me to take a sauna and I found I like doing them first thing in the morning. I finish my sauna with a freezing cold shower afterwards to get my blood pumping so I get the best of both worlds (hot and cold therapy). Totally invigorating and yet relaxing. I am half Finnish in heritage so starting up taking saunas again really resonated with me.

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