Beaver Report - Mileena Kombat
Heather Heaven's Beaver Report - Mileena Kombat

Heather Heaven interviews Mileena Kombat in an all new Planet Platypus segment called the Beaver Report.


HH: You’ve been dominating the competitions this year, What do you think sets you apart from other entertainers?

MK: I would have to say my music choices. I don’t dance to mainstream music. I dance to electronic music. All types from dark dubstep to bubbly house. I’m always looking for new music. When I find the right songs that inspire me, everything flows together and I create new stuff. People always tell me, ”I don’t listen to your type of music but I really enjoy it when your on stage and moving to it.”

HH: What is your favourite show to perform?

MK: My favourite show right now would be my space girl show. I just seem to be adding more and more to it all the time. I still haven’t run dry of ideas for it. Might be a contest show one day soon.

HH: There’s a lot of curiosity about Alberta’s “loonie game”. What exactly is it?

MK: The loonie game is the last round of our shows where people can throw loonies, toonies, fives, tens, twenties, fifties and hundreds. We do this at the end so it is safe enough to be done. However you can tip bills at any point of the show if you wish. We also have a 3ft barrier rule so you can’t hand us money or put it in our outfits. You have to throw it. We make targets you throw loonies and toonies into. It makes it fun. On top of it we hand out prizes. Posters, magnets, keychains, lighters, boob balls, T-shirt’s, pens, and more. It ends up being a gaming experience for costumers and they get to collect souvenirs. I like the loonie game. All for it. People get into it. All the ammo adds up in the end.

HH: about your Miss nude Alberta win, you had a special guest in your show. Tell us about that.

MK: I did a Snow White themed show. Ever since I started entertaining people would tell me Snow White would be perfect for you. So, I felt I needed Dopey with me to really get people excited for an Adult Disney show. My special guest was James White. He’s pretty much Edmonton’s most well known little person. He started the show off by coming out waving to the crowd, then opened up my 4ft tall Disney story book prop that I came out of.

HH: Do you have any special skills you bring to the stage?

MK: My shows consist of isis wings, ariel hoop, veil fans/poi, fire poi/staff and of course the pole.

HH: Any plans to compete in the states? ED Expo 2020 maybe?

MK: Yes, something like that would be really cool. Just getting to see the other entertainers I’ve never seen before compete, would make it worth it. I love watching talented performers for my first time, it’s almost magical. Always, inspirational.


  • Miss Nude Alberta Winner
  • Miss Nude diamonds 2nd runner up
  • Best pole x4
  • Best body

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